Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mad Moose Mama: 5 New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Mad Moose Mama: 5 New Year's Eve Party Ideas: New Year’s Eve is just around the corner there are sure to be loads of parties and people celebrating. If you are one of the lucky people wh...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Midnight Bear: Up to More Good

A Bear Full of Love

Today The Midnight Bear struck again...

So I'm working away on the computer and my peripherals light up with the blurred image of what seems to be Animal Crackers. Sure enough, I look over and Mr. Bear (not to be confused with Mr. Bear from Full House) is standing right there, offering me what looked like a nearly unlimited supply of yummy zoo friends.

Of course I can't turn down free Animal Crackers, so I reach my hand in and make a substantial withdrawal... How could life get any better than that you ask? Well it so happens that this generous oso ain't closing his lid anytime soon, which means many, many more days of pleasant surprises!

He started his campaign for popularity by leaving random sticking notes on coworkers desks and making it look like someone else had written them (see image below). Sticky notes are great and all, but I knew he had more up his sleeve.

Hollywood? You Think He's Ready?

Honestly, if you ask me, this bear always set his sights on bigger and better things. I think The Midnight Bear really deserves a theme song. I'm thinking something like the Shaft theme song, only with lyrics reflecting his soft moral personality. Once he has the theme song I think he should move on to some sort of comic book or even consider a TV series.

Or maybe we could make him the new spokesperson for some logo-less brand. Cox Cable has the little, white suited, race car driver, space man guy and that works. Why shouldn't The Midnight Bear get his time in the limelight! Where do you think The Midnight Bear should take his career?

"I've Got the Moves Like Jagger"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Audissey.... I dig it!

Really surprised at how much I liked their sound and they have a pretty interesting project going to raise money for their band. Definitely worth checking out.