Monday, April 23, 2012

When All Else Fails... Shag!

This last weekend I went to my parents house to borrow their vacuum cleaner, because ours stopped working. When I got there I found that my parent's vacuum had also ceased to serve their sucking needs, and they had borrowed a vacuum from her parents (that = my grandparents, if you're feeling the Inception-effect).

All admit that I was a tad underwhelmed when I saw this. I may or may not have double, or even triple checked that this was in fact the vacuum we were going to be borrowing. Upon further research I found that this model was originally released in the 1940's and there was an anniversary model which was released in more recent years (second picture). Judging by the condition of this vac, however, I'm going to guess it's closer to the 1940's version.

Wait For It...

Without a doubt the absolute best part of this fabulously vintage vacuum, is the power selector... You can choose between "Low Pile," "Normal Pile," and of course.... "Shag" 

I'll be honest, I was extremely skeptical of this vacuums ability to pick up anything larger than an atom, but do my surprise this rugged tool packed quite the punch... I mean suck. Oh, and did I mention that the chord was long enough that I was able to vacuum our entire apartment without unplugging once! 

While it may sound a bit corny, I feel like using this vacuum is a lot more rewarding than the wind tunnel inducing, bowling ball lifting, self-steering vacuums that are for sale these days.

Yeah, I'm Gonna Say It

Feel like connecting to a time when kids played outside, families gathered around the radio, and cars still used carburetors? Then I suggest picking up one of these!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I Chose To Become A Dentist

I know I'm late in publishing this, but the passing of Ferdinand Porsche (grandson of the Dr. Ferdinand Porsche who founded the company in the 1930's) is something that I really feel deserves some thought. I should start by saying that ever since the age of five I had wanted to be a dentist.

What does that have to do with Porsche? Well, I wasn't fascinated with teeth, preventing gum disease, or inflicting pain; I really just wanted to drive cool cars.

The earliest memory I have of seeing the dentist is when I was five years old and my family was living in Napa, CA. I remember my dad taking me to the dentist office to see my then doctor, Mike Young (it was during that time I also had my first crush, but we'll save that for another day). 

The real magic that day wasn't in the treatment, but instead, happened as we were leaving. I distinctly remember hearing the most fantastic sound, unlike anything I'd ever heard before. When I turned my head I saw it for the first time: the Porsche 911... It was love at first sight.

I asked my dad what kind of car it was, which was immediately followed with the question of how I could get one. He said, "Well, doctor Young has a 911 and he's a dentist. If you become a dentist you'll be able to afford one too." That's all it took. From then on I was convinced that I would become a dentist and that I would own every car that ever made me feel that way.

"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"
-Ferdinand Porsche

About 18 years later I decided that being a dentist just to make money may not be the quickest route to a happy career/life, so I ditched the lab coat and decided to chase what makes me happy.

The verdict: I LOVE CARS! And if anything I'm probably more "cuckoo for cocoa" cars than ever. It's not about showing off, or turning heads on the road. I promise if I were the last person on the earth (insert reference to Will Smith in I Am Legend) I'd still want to drive the best.

So cheers to an idea, cheers to a passionate family, and cheers to making dreams come true!