Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Artest: Get Him Out of The NBA

Dear Mr. World Peace... I think anyone with semi-logical thinking would agree that your presence in the NBA isn't worth your $7 million dollar price tag, despite what your ego is telling you.

Dear NBA Commissioner... are you there? HELLO? Perhaps a decision like this is difficult to make because one has never been necessary before, but his track record deserves some serious questioning.

I could make an entire Pinterest board full of "I didn't mean it" Artest moments. In fact, I think I'll start with this one:

You can't turn the other cheek forever. Do you really believe these far-too-frequent incidents to be "accidental?" Perhaps he's trying to tell us that he really would like to be in the UFC?

 I swear I'm not being biased as a Lakers Hater either. If Steve Nash, Lebron James, or any of my other "favorite" players acted this way for as long as Artest/WorldPeace I'd want them out as well. Just because basketball isn't the "national pastime" doesn't mean it shouldn't be classy.

Do your job. Keep the NBA safe and respectable.

And just a side note: What about Raffi Torres getting a 25 game suspension for hitting someone? You're supposed to hit people in hockey!

For more ranting and deserved raving, check out this Huffington Post article via Katie Hawkes: Maintaining the 'Peace': Get Ron Artest Off the Court