Thursday, November 1, 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed Review

I've wanted to see this movie ever since the trailer was released. 
Unfortunately it wasn't shown in many theaters so I had to wait until it came out on DVD.

First of all..
If you came across a Craigslist's ad looking someone to go back in time, stating that it would be very dangerous and that they have only done it once before, wouldn't you want to find out more?

(See for yourself)

During the first 30 minutes or so I was worried that it wasn't going to pick up any speed.
One of the main characters wasn't very likeable, and I was on the fence about the other two.
Maybe my hopes were too high...

So did the film pull through in the end? Did the characters redeem themselves and win my heart?
Oh yeah... Big time! 

I felt like there was a noticeable turning point in the movie. 
There was the half before Aubrey Plaza's character smiled, and then everything after. 

If I had to pick a word to describe the tone of the entire film,
 it would be "sincere."

It does an amazing job building anticipation and getting you to root for the characters.

To sum it all up :
It was a movie about believing!